Tips for the Organizer Bag

(Top left) Knitted base showing pocket "gussets" in pink and green.
(Middle left) The pocket edges are sewn to the bag, but not to the slipped stitches! Don't forget to sew the top of the pocket bind off to the bag and secure it on the inside, like I did, and didn't realize until checking the felting progress.
(Bottom left) Here is a "fix", (I love felting). The bag has not yet "fully" felted.Take it out of the washer, squeeze out the water, thread a sharp tapestry needle with matching yarn (1 strand), sew attach a couple whip stitches and secure inside. back Resume felting, and your sewn stitches will felt too.
(Right top) The Organizer Bag drying. The repaired pocket seams has felted to the bag and doesn't show. I've placed an inverted small baking pan (8" by 4") inside to square the base and another on top of it to square the sides. For this particular Organizer Bag, I decided not to pleat the sides.
(Right bottom) Pin pocket to the bag so that the stripe is centered. I use invisible thread (double strand) to sew the pocket divide to the bag. Colored yarn was used to you can see it (a single strand may be used as well). But invisible thread it just that...and you won't notice it inside the bag either! I used grosgrain ribbon and invisible thread to sew the metal ring to the bag!

Add a lobster claw clasp on the side of the bag under the I-cord bind off. This one holds my needle gauge. It can be easily removed for use and replaced for safe-keeping.

This Organizer Bag is going to sit on the table next to my "knitting chair" to organize notions. The interior can store many circular needles, a pattern, small project like socks, and extra needle markers (in the pink plastic box).

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