Free Pattern, Felted Wall Basket

Felted Wall Basket

Materials List
80 yards of bulky yarn
or 176 yards of worsted knit with two strands held together.
Thread based carry along yarns may be knit with the wool yarn as well,
#13/9mm -16" length circular needle
 #13/9mm DPNs (2)
3 needle markers and 1 unique starter marker

  • Must use yarn that will felt. This project may be knit double stranded with worsted yarn, or aran and dk together, or  with a single stranded with bulky yarn. 
  • This will be a stash busting type pattern for you, I hope!
  • I chose an aran weight yarn, Cascade Pastaza #10, (a rusty orange) and Twilley's of Stamford-Freedom Spirit, #511 (because of all the fall hues) a dk weight yarn.
  • This is an adventurous beginner type pattern. 
Knit the base
CO 9 sts to the circular needle, with 2 strands worsted, or 1 strand each aran and dk weight or 1 strand bulky. (Allowing a 20" yarn tail, I used the long tail cast on method).

The base is knit flat with the circular needles.
Row 1-18: Knit in stockinette stitch for 18 rows, begin with a knit row, end with a purl rowl.
Row 19: Knit one more row. At end of this 19th row, do not turn work, place marker (pm) on RH ndl. Working around sides of base as follows:
pu (pick up and knit) 9 sts along the left edge, (insert needle through the middle of every other last st of each row),pm on RH ndl to mark corner,
pu 9 sts across the CO edge, (insert needle under the two loops of the cast on edge)pm on RH ndl to mark corner,
pu 9 sts along last side, (insert needle through the middle of the every other last st of each row),
place a unique marker at the corner to indicate the start of round [This is the “starter marker” (Stm)].

Join with round 1 to begin to knit in the round. Total 36 sts.
Round 1: Purl 36 sts
Round 2: *K8, Kfb; repeat from * to Stm. (40 sts)
Rounds 3-5: Knit 40 sts.
Round 6: *Kfb, k8, kfb, slm; repeat from * to Stm. (48 sts).
Rounds 7-29: K48 sts.
Round 30: SSK, k8, K2tog, slm, k12 (front), slm, k2tog, k8, ssk, slm, p4, k4, p4 (back).  (44 sts)
Round 31: K44 sts. (suggestion: use a solid CC, and use same for the bind off)
Round 32: P44 sts. (suggestion: use a solid CC, and use same for the bind off)

Bind off the top as follows:
Round 33: (with optional CC) [Hint: You may find it easier to use a second ndl, (a DPN) as the RH ndl for this bind-off.]

Using the knit cast on method, add 3 st to the LH ndl as follows: Knit 1, return st back to LH ndl. Repeat two more times. Three new sts are now on the LH ndl. K2 tbl (new sts), k2tog tbl [1 new and 1 original], slip these 3 sts back to LH ndl.

 *Bring yarn across the back of sts, K2 tbl, k2tog tbl. Slide these 3 sts back to LH ndl; rep from * until all sts are BO the LH ndl. Use LH ndl tip to bring the 2nd st over 1st st, pass 3rd st over 2nd.  One st remains on RH ndl. Bind it off as follows: cut working yarn with a 4” tail to thread a tapestry needle, bring this through the last st on the right to bind it off. Insert tapestry needle horizontally under both top loops of the 1st BO st on the left and down through the middle of the last bound off st on the right for a “seamless” appearance. Secure end on the WS.

Knit the Handle

Hold project with the opening up and the front side close to you. There are two sets of purl sts (from round 30), one on right and one on the left of the back side. Pick up and knit (pu) sts with same thickness of yarn as main piece as follows: begin on right side set and working right to left: pu 4 sts in the purl bumps with a DPN.  Slide these 4 sts to the opposite end of same dpn. Bring working yarn across the back of the 4 sts, and secure it to the yarn tail (weave yarn tail on the inside, it won’t show with felting). 

Now you are ready to begin the handle!
K2 , *wyif, sl 2 sts as if to purl without working them, turn. Working yarn is in the middle of the 4 sts on the ws.
Bring across back of the 2 sts and K2; repeat from * until the stretched measurement is 9” long handle. Stretching on the flat cord while it is still on the needle, will pull the sts into place.After reaching the 9" length, knit across the 4 sts. 
Turn the strap (without twisting) into a upside down U shape. While the stitches are still on the dpn, cut a 6” length working yarn tail. Thread a tapestry needle, and sew the stitches to the 4 purl bumps to attach the handle. Secure and weave in ends.

 This photo shows the handle after it has been felted, on the back of the project.
Blocking, Shaping, and Finishing the Felted Project! (Finished photo below!)
Set project flat on table, centering the base, stretch to shape.  Keeping the back side with the handle flat on the table, lightly fill  with plastic grocery bags. Shape the bowl your hands into a half-rounded shape, pressing the back side against the table.


When the felted wall basket has dried it may be decorated with ribbons, beads & buttons. Another design idea is to place 2 decorative buttons on the inside of the bowl through the rim to further stabilize the knit handle.
And yet another design option is to omit the knit handle and attach an 8" long sew on leather handle!
Before felting!
Felted Wall Basket Copyright ©2015 Carol Bristol Designs
This pattern is available for personal use only.Not to be reproduced or re-knit for profit.

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