About Magnetic Closures

This is method that I use to attach a magnetic closure to my bags. If a decorative button is intended on the outside of the bag, I sew it to the bag before attaching the magnetic closure (such as the button flaps on the Brookfield Bag).
1. Cut a 3" length of extra wide quilt binding or double layer of 1" grosgrain ribbon. Fold it in half to locate the center. Then mark the ribbon with a pen for location of the prongs.2. Cut a small slit to allow the prongs to pass through the ribbon. 3.Place the flat disc which comes with the closure down over the prongs on top of the ribbon. Bend the prongs outward like "wings". Thread sharp needle with matching quilt or heavy duty thread.
4. Fold the ribbon over the wings to meet in the center and tack together with sewing thread.
5. Place in the center area of the bag closure (or wherever directed by the pattern) and sew in place with a "whipstitch".

Repeat for the other half of the magnetic clasp.

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